Underwater Hockey: The Adrenaline Rush You've Never Heard Of

Imagine plunging into the depths of a swimming pool, decked out in snorkeling gear, ready to play an extreme sport you've probably never heard of. Welcome to underwater hockey - an adrenaline-fueled game that combines aspects of swimming, diving and ice hockey. It's physically demanding yet incredibly exciting with players darting through water like agile fish while manipulating puck with miniature sticks. Investing your time in reading further about this obscure but thrilling sport might just lead you down a path less trodden and more interesting than conventional sports. History and Origin of Underwater Hockey Underwater hockey, more commonly known as Octopush, has a fascinating and somewhat unconventional origin story. Born out of the chill waters surrounding England during the 1950s, this UK aquatic sport was initially devised as a unique fitness method for scuba divers. During the bracing winter months, sea dives were often unfeasible due to the severity of the weather, leaving d... Read more